About us

About us

Fast internet for everyone. Welcome to HCN!

Hellenic Cable Networks "HCN" is an Internet, telephony and cable TV company based in Thessaloniki. Our subscribers enjoy the fastest internet speed in Greece through our privately owned fiber optic network covering the cities of Thessaloniki, Kilkis, Katerini and Veria. In close cooperation with local municipalities, the network is constantly expanding and brings to the premises of every home or business subscriber the capability offered by FIBER to the Premises high speed technology.

Our team has passion with speed!

At HCN we are technology people, geeky people with internet knowledge and with deep love for what we do. More than anything else we know how important internet is for our subscribers. We also like to assist, and we shall assist in any way we can. For our team, our work goes beyond the stable and reliable network. We are proud of our unique product! Our technical team is our most rigorous judge. The support we provide is one of the most effective when it comes to resolution times. From the very first subscriber connected, up until today 12 years later, we are proud of our thousands of subscribers that trust us and the services we offer them!

Since our network and team expands constantly, if you share the same passion with us send us your resume!

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