Request Form

Request Form

By completing the application form, you express your interest in joining HCN.





Please attach your ID (both sides)

If it is a corporate connection, you will have to fill in the printed application and attach it.

You should put the company stamp in the appropriate field. In case the connection address is different from the address on the stamp, please attach the personalized Taxisnet information.


The activation fee of 40€ includes provision of 1GE-port router.


Telephony & TV option are offered at an additional one-time cost:


   New HCN number (one-time cost 20€)


   Telephony + TV (one-time cost 30€)


   Dual Band WiFi (one-time cost 15€)


   Transfer of an existing phone number (one-time cost 20€) | Existing telephone number:


A necessary condition for the transfer of an existing phone number is the interest in telephony.