Fiber Programs

Fiber Programs

FIBER - Programs

Real FIBER is reality only from HCN!

Actual speed through HCN's fiber optic network without "up to" "maybe" and misleading "speed guarantees".

Read about fiber optic capabilities.

The reported speeds are for cable connection, not wireless.

The installation fee of 40€ includes a 1Gbps port router.
Choice of Telephony & TV are offered at extra cost.

Optional Additional Charges:
TEL ........................ 20€ (one-off fee)
TEL + TV ............... 30€ (one-off fee)

The choice of one of the packages includes a telephone connection with a charge of 0.045€ / minute to fixed and 0.090€ / minute to mobile.
The cable television connection includes free digital and satellite channels.

Prices include VAT and the Fixed Telephony Subscriber Fee of article 55 of Law 4389/2016, which is calculated as five percent (5%) of the prices before the Value Added Tax.