Persons with disabilities

Persons with disabilities

HCN is next to people with disabilities providing cheaper prices!

The packages for people with disabilities are as follows:

Πακέτο Χαρακτηριστικά Τιμή
FiberSpeedy Download & Upload: 120 Mbps 26,25€ 15,76€/month

Download & Upload: 120 Mbps

Unlimited minutes to landlines and 360 minutes to mobile calls

29,00€ 26,25€/month
FiberWarpspeed Download & Upload: 200 Mbps 36,75€ 29,00€/month
FiberHyperspace Download & Upload: 300 Mbps 57,75€ 36,75€/month
Fiber 600 Download & Upload: 600 Mbps 157,50€ 57,75€/month
Fiber 1G Download & Upload: 1 Gbps 210,00€ 157,50€/month

The reported speeds are for cable connection, not wireless.

The installation fee of 40€ includes a 1Gbps port router.
Choice of Telephony & TV are offered at extra cost.

Optional Additional Charges:
TEL ........................ 20€ (one-off fee)
TEL + TV ............... 30€ (one-off fee)

The choice of one of the packages includes a telephone connection with a charge of 0.045€ / minute to fixed and 0.090€ / minute to mobile.
The cable television connection includes free digital and satellite channels.

Prices include VAT and the Fixed Telephony Subscriber Fee of article 55 of Law 4389/2016, which is calculated as five percent (5%) of the prices before the Value Added Tax.