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Fiber Business

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The reported speeds are for cable connection rather than wireless.

The installation fee of € 40 includes a 1Gbps port router.
Choice of Telephony & TV are offered at extra cost.

The choice of one of the packages includes a telephone connection with a charge of 0.045 € / minute to fixed and 0.090 € / minute to mobile.
The connection includes free digital and satellite channels.

The FTTH (Fiber To The Home) technology used by HCN has up to 10Gbps down / 10Gbps up speed.
With GEPON technology HCN can give each customer a distinct fixed speed of up to 1/1 Gbps. This is because it shares its network with many subscribers.

FTTH technology (Fiber-To-The-Home) is considered to have the best broadband connection with many advantages. The subscriber is connected to a fiber optic from his home directly with his HCN. Thus, there is no chance of loss of speed due to external factors.
More than 10 million homes worldwide already have FTTH Eurozone connections as this technology has many advantages over other technologies (ADSL & VDSL, satellite e.t.c).

The main advantage of FTTH technology is that it has the ability to offer much higher speeds and data transfer over the internet than traditional copper-based ADSL connections. For example, a pair of copper can carry up to six telephone lines. A fiber optic pair can carry up to 2.5 million calls at the same time {source: USA - Federal Communications Commission}.
In general, fiber optics have an unlimited bandwidth which installs this particular FTTH technology "future-proof" as it can serve subscriber needs for many years to come. {source: ICT Regulation Toolkit}.

Prices include VAT and the Fixed Telephony Subscriber Fee of article 55 of Law 4389/2016, which is calculated as five percent (5%) of the prices before the Value Added Tax.