How fast internet do you really need?

05 | 12 | 17

How fast internet do you really need?

What every Internet connection is about never thinking about it. To carry out all the activities of your household or business consistently without delay. The speed and quality of each connection is the result of the network you are subscribed to.

All offers of ADSL, that is to say, the traditional copper telephony network available across the country, have the potential to offer a certain speed range. For this reason all offers you witness from all telecommunication companies indicate "up to 24 Mbps".

Even the Fiber Optic network offerings that have flooded TVs and the Internet report Fiber but can not guarantee speed at number. In fact, speeds are much smaller than advertisers, as the networks of all providers have optical fiber only in some parts of them.

The reality is that the factors that determine the speed are:

    The quality of the copper network of the building you are staying in. This is a matter of age and good location by the contractor who made the building.
    The quality of the local network lines.
    The access point distance from the local node.

Therefore, the connection providers are not aware of the subscriber's end-to-end speed.

However, speeds range between one (1) and fifteen (15) Mbps with VDSL line privileges being 'upgraded' to the range of ten (10) and twenty-eight (28) Mbps.

Let's see, however, what speeds are needed to run apps and platforms that are widely used by the public.



Therefore, applications that run at the same time are summed up to the total speed that each connection requires.
For example, an online gaming connection (10 Mbps) at the same time as a Youtube (5 Mbps) device and a Facebook browsing device (5 Mbps) to operate speedily and without delay requires a total of 20 Mbps in total.

How much is your speed really? Check out the test here. Pressing will open the test in a new window and press "GO" to start.

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