Message from HCN management to our subscribers

29 | 10 | 18

Dear HCN Subcribers,

HCN is the only network provider offering Internet and telephony on its private infrastructure. It is also the only provider that has a long term strategic plan based on creating added value for the local community while relying exclusively on its healthy organic growth, the support of the JM-Data group and the personal work of its owner, Mr. J. Meixner and our team. In addition, in the seven years of operations, we have never received any subsidy or sponsorship from government funds.
In addition to the real internet speed and low priced telephony we offer, it is crucial for us the overall experience we offer to our subscribers'. Our team works against all odds to always achieve and deliver superior outcomes.
Our team’s journey from the first kilometer of network to this day was not easy and that's why we appreciate the subscribers who are with us in the difficult times of the start up until today while we never bind them with a contract. We do not forsake the love and support of thousands of our subscribers, and as long as we grow as a network and as a group we can show our appreciation in practice.
On Wednesday, October 17, they cut our network once again.
It was not the first incident in the last three months from the same contruction company. The company has undertaken the excavations on behalf of another provider, and under contract it is solely responsible for its work. With this company, we have been in open communication since the first "hit" and we have taken all measures to protect the network from its action.
Based on all the measures we have taken, it is impossible to justify the cuts and especially in key positions.
Our patience until the end of the work in Kalamaria and the end of the excavations did not lead anywhere because it lacked respect during this period.
Traditional providers have split all regions for excavation and will buy from each other network access. So when an area is over, there will be no more excavations from other providers and we will be rid of the fraudulent cuts of our network.
We are defending on an overt attack and we ask your subscribers for your support and we will continue to provide you with the fastest network in Greece.
Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
J. Meixner, HCN CEO